Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Book of Q: Mars Release Announcement

 For Immediate Release:


Turtle River, MN - The Bemidji Swashbucklers Guild announced the impending publication from their membership, Book of Q: Mars. The novel has been completed as a component of the National Novel Writing Month Challenge and will be published in hardcover and digital form in the coming weeks. The novel describes itself as "Composed by an anarchist arts collective that includes artificial intelligences and under the guidance of Jeremiah Liend."

Liend, author of The Book of Q (2011) is an artist, producer, and serving director of The Bemidji Swashbucklers Guild. His most recent publication The Last Shark Hunt was an account of his experiences running for the Minnesota legislature during the 2020 election cycle. The Bemidji Swashbucklers Guild is an educational secret society operating in and around Bemidji since 2006. 


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